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The rainbow lands right in your mouth!

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The Rise of Skittles

Skittles are a testament to the power of branding and the allure of a simple, yet delicious treat. Emerging from British origins in the 1970s, it took only two decades for Skittles to become an American candy icon under the stewardship of Wrigley. The 1990s were particularly transformative for the brand, with the 'Taste the Rainbow' campaign propelling it to new heights of popularity. The New York Times gave testament to their skyrocketing appeal, ranking them just behind Starburst in the pantheon of chewy candies. A fascinating revelation considering their newfound dominance among the younger demographic.

The original red packaging remains the quintessential Skittles for many. However, with changing times and evolving palates, Skittles has innovated with flavors like Tropical, Wild Berry, and Sour. These additions provide candy enthusiasts with a broader spectrum of taste experiences. And with the merger of Wrigley into the Mars conglomerate, Skittles have found their home within one of the world's most powerful confectionery giants. It's a remarkable journey for a candy that has captivated so many with its vibrant colors and flavors.

Skittles and the Candy Landscape

When discussing popular chewy candies, the comparison of Skittles with other beloved brands is inevitable. For instance, the rivalry between Jolly Rancher and Skittles showcases the diverse preferences of candy lovers. While Jolly Rancher leans into the hard candy territory, its fruit flavors echo the vibrancy of Skittles. On the other hand, Starburst, the only brand to surpass Skittles in chewy candy popularity, offers a softer, taffy-like experience. Both candies, though different in texture, offer an explosion of fruity flavors that keep fans coming back for more.

Another notable mention in the world of fruity candies is Mike and Ike. These elongated chewy candies, with their own vast array of flavors, often find themselves compared to Skittles in candy debates. However, like all great candies, each has its own distinct personality and flavor profile that makes it stand out. The world of candy is vast and flavorful, and there's always something for everyone.