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The Unique Flavor of Sixlets Candy

Imagine the delightful fusion of M&Ms with Whoppers, and you'll get a sense of the unique taste of Sixlets. These candies are not just simple candy-coated chocolates. They bring a malt flavor to the table, distinguishing them from many other candies. The intriguing backstory of their name traces back to their original packaging - a cellophane tube containing precisely six candies.

Introduced in the vibrant 60s, the original Sixlets showcased a range of colors, including brown, orange, yellow, green, and red. You'd typically find these colors in their traditional cellophane tubes. Over the decades, a rainbow of new hues has joined the Sixlets family, making them a preferred choice for weddings and showers as a unique chocolate-candy option.

Sixlets: A Journey Through Time

Starting as a part of the the Leaf Brands company in the 1960s, Sixlets have come a long way. Today, they are proudly manufactured by the Oak Leaf division of SweetWorks Candy. Beyond the classic colors that debuted in the 60s, they have introduced over a dozen different shades, catering to the varied aesthetic needs of candy enthusiasts. From birthdays to themed events, their popularity remains unwavering.

While candies like Hershey's kisses have their unique charm, the Sixlets' combination of chocolate and malt with a colorful candy shell holds a special place in many hearts. And for those who love other classics, there's always the treat of Reese's candy to relish.