Peelerz Candy

The Peel Appeal: Colorful Flavors, Playful Bites!

Collection: Peelerz Candy

Explore our vibrant collection of Peelable Gummies, available in an array of mouthwatering flavors. Whether you crave the tropical tang of Mango, the sweet allure of Banana, the rich depth of Grape, the lush sweetness of Peach, or the zesty punch of Orange, our 3D fruit-shaped gummies are designed to delight. Each gummy features a unique peelable exterior, allowing for an engaging and immersive tasting adventure.

Crafted with real fruit juice and formulated to cater to various dietary preferences, our gummies are fat-free, low in sodium, and gluten-free. Perfect for candy lovers of all ages, these gummies offer a playful twist on classic flavors. Dive into a fun, flavorful experience with our Peelable Gummies collection—where every peel reveals a burst of delicious fruit taste!