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Collection: M&M's

Discover the Colorful History of M&M's

Forrest Mars, the brain behind iconic names like Milky Way, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers, unveiled yet another masterpiece in 1941 - the M&M's. What's intriguing is that the original M&M's were crafted with Hershey chocolate, a competitor's product. Why, you ask? Chocolate was rationed during that era, and Hershey had the reins. Speaking of names, ever wondered about the other 'M'? It represents Bruce Murrie, the son of Hershey's president. The vibrant world of M&M's began with shades of brown, yellow, green, red, and violet. Yet, as the candies evolved, so did their color palette, leading to some interesting swaps and additions over the years.

The evolution didn't stop at colors. When M&M's decided to stamp individual candies, violet made way for tan. A few years later, orange dazzled the mix, briefly ousting red. However, in a turn of events, red made a triumphant return, adding a sixth color to the ensemble. And when 1995 rolled around, fans were in for a treat. Mars gave them the power to select a new hue to replace tan, and the vibrant blue was their top pick. From their humble beginnings to birthing various versions like Peanut M&M's in the 40s, these candies have not just ruled the taste buds but also the world of entertainment, inspiring cartoon characters and numerous marketing collaborations.

A Spectrum Beyond Just M&M's

M&M's have certainly carved their niche, but the world of candies is vast and colorful. Dive deep into our colors page to find candies that suit every theme, mood, or celebration. Looking for something crunchy and chocolaty? Why not explore the delightful world of chocolate almonds? Or if you're prepping for a grand celebration or just wish to indulge, our bulk candy section promises varieties that can satiate all your sweet cravings.

Each candy has its unique tale, flavor, and charm. While M&M's offer a burst of colors and history, there's a universe of sweets waiting to be discovered. As you savor the rich legacy of M&M's, let your palate journey through other delectable adventures. After all, every candy has a story, and every story deserves to be tasted!