Classic American chocolatier spreading kisses!

Collection: Hershey's

The name Hersheys is universal throughout America, and for good reason. It is America's largest chocolate manufacturer, and owns some of the most recognizable brands in the country. Founder Milton Hershey wasn't an instant success, failing as a candy shop owner and then as a chocolate maker in New York before creating and selling the Lancaser Caramel Company. With the proceeds he forged ahead with his chocolate dreams, producing a chocolate bar in the early 1900s that consumers loved. He followed that with the Hershey's Kiss in 1907, which sealed the company's place in American culture. The product line expanded into the 20s and 30s to include products such as Mr. Goodbar, with peanuts, and Krakel. Hershey has acquired and developed many other brands in its journey to the top, now featuring countless brands that include Reese's, Cadbury, Kit Kat, and the Almond Joy/Mounds line.