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Gold bears and berries and cola bottles, oh my!

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Haribo: The Originator of Gummy Delights

When one thinks of iconic candy brands, Haribo inevitably springs to mind. With a rich history dating back to its founding in Bonn, Germany, Haribo's name is an ode to its visionary founder, Hans Riegel. The brand's name is a clever acronym derived from the words: HAns RIegel BOnn. Under Riegel's innovation, the world witnessed the birth of the first-ever gummy candy, the Dancing Bear. This trailblazing confection, albeit larger than the ones we are familiar with now, set the stage for a plethora of gummy creations.

As the brand evolved, so did the beloved Dancing Bear, giving rise to the renowned Golden Bears, which were a more petite version of their predecessor. Haribo's gummy empire didn't stop at gummy bears. Over the years, they introduced a myriad of gummy confections, cementing their status as pioneers in the candy world.

Haribo's Global Gummy Domination

While Europe reveled in the chewy delights of Haribo, America remained untouched by its magic until the 1980s. Prior to this era, Haribo was a name known only to a select few in the U.S., gracing the shelves of gourmet specialty shops. But the 80s marked a turning point. Haribo ventured onto American shores, not as an exclusive brand, but as a candy for the masses. Store shelves soon glistened with bags of Golden Bears and slithering gummy worms, ensuring that Americans too could indulge in the Haribo experience.

From its humble beginnings in Bonn to its current status as a global candy titan, Haribo's journey is a testament to innovation, quality, and the universal love for gummies. Today, as one of the foremost gummy manufacturers globally, Haribo's legacy continues to grow, one chewy treat at a time.